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The Fallacy of Re-shoring

Posted 06/04 · 09:12 AM · SCMR Editorial
There is still far more manufacturing moving offshore than onshore.

Transportation Best Practices/Trends: Building air cargo relationships

Posted 06/01 · 10:20 AM · LM Editorial
With the ongoing consolidation of air carriers, shippers are growing concerned about losing old relationships while having to forge new ones. Fortunately, freight intermediaries are helping them stay on course.

Global Logistics: Strip the risk out of reverse logistics

Posted 06/01 · 10:10 AM · LM Editorial
Forward logistics is the primary focus for shippers of all commodities, but fine-tuning the “reverse loop” is becoming more urgent. As high-end companies develop new revenue streams, reverse logistics and after sales services are proving to be valuable tools.

TSA and European Union herald air cargo security partnership

Posted 06/01 · 09:28 AM · LM Editorial
TSA officials said that this agreement will result in better communication sharing, stronger security, and more efficient air cargo transportation between the U.S. and the EU, which represents more then 1 million tons per year going to and from each continent and 20 percent of all EU outbound air cargo.

Moore on Pricing: Put air cargo costs under surveillance

Posted 06/01 · 08:51 AM · LM Editorial
Brian pierce, chief economist at the International Air Transport Association (IATA), recently reported that there are mixed signals for air cargo shippers during this year and heading into next. Air cargo shippers need to be aware of the current and future challenges that are facing air carriers in order to better position themselves for the service levels and capacity they’ll need if their companies are going to compete on a global level.

Andreoli on Oil & Fuel: Can speculators profit from declining oil prices?

Posted 06/01 · 08:40 AM · LM Editorial
As a logistics manager, understanding that oil and fuel prices are a function of supply and demand rather than the rogue actions of “evil speculators” is important.

Penske executive describes 3PL challenge in China

Posted 05/31 · 11:43 AM · LM Editorial
A developing market like China requires an approach that differs from mature markets like Europe and the U.S

Logistics process performance gaps hurts competitiveness

Posted 05/30 · 04:01 PM · LM Editorial
The title of the study is “Made to Measure,” also found that making extensive use of external benchmarks is linked with higher performance in financial and administrative processes

New Study Says Gap in Process Performance Affects Competitiveness

Posted 05/30 · 12:43 PM · SCMR Editorial
A study released today by Genpact Limited, has found that many companies must close a performance gap in their business processes to boost competitiveness
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Bringing Supply Chain Management Jobs Home

Posted 05/29 · 03:37 PM · SCMR Editorial
Earlier this year, both Boeing and GE said they were committed to moving parts of their offshore manufacturing capabilities back to the U.S.

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