Show preview: ProMat 2011 products

ProMat 2011, slated for March 21-24, will showcase more than 700 exhibits and include a comprehensive educational conference. The event, to be held at McCormick Place in Chicago, will offer an array of products to help improve productivity at your company.
By Modern Materials Handling Staff
February 01, 2011 - MMH Editorial

Scalable staging buffer for goods-to-person picking operations
Generating up to seven times greater throughput in a smaller footprint than conventional storage systems, the Multishuttle staging buffer feeds workstations at high rates to keep workers fully utilized. The system is ideal for applications that require dynamic product sequencing to support goods-to-person order fulfillment, pick face replenishment, palletizing, and production buffers. Included are multiple levels of rack structure, carrier vehicles, conveyor and software. Each level of the rack structure includes input/output conveyor and a carrier vehicle that travels horizontally to access loads stored in the rack structure (typically totes or trays). An extraction device on each carrier vehicle accesses the loads in the rack. The system may be configured in a variety of layouts, including overhead spaces and under/over obstructions for the best cube utilization. Dematic, 800-457-9783, Booth. 3603 and 3612.

Voice-directed software with graphical management
The latest version of Jennifer VoicePlus software for voice-directed warehouse operations has been released. Included is the Engage management services console, an Internet application that provides a suite of graphical management tools to analyze and manage voice operations. Also offered is Mobile Engage, a smartphone/PDA-based application providing the same management capabilities for mobile devices. This functionality enables managers to be on the warehouse floor without losing touch with critical operational information. The systems are ideal for use in grocery and foodservice, retail, medical products, industrial supply, and consumer product goods distribution. Lucas Systems, 724-940-7000, Booth. 3879.

Tilt-tray, cross-belt sorters offered
The IntelliSort CB cross-belt and TT tilt-tray sorters for high-volume distribution centers, parcel hubs and fulfillment operations reliably handle sortation in high-capacity, high-speed sorting environments. Both cross-belt and tilt-tray technologies are ideal for use in applications with a variety of product sizes and shapes that require high throughput and accurate sortation. Compact and modular, the sorters may be used in new construction or retrofit applications. Intelligrated, 866-936-7300, Booth. 2903.

AGV converts to operator-guided forklift
Morphing manual and automatic operations, a new hybrid automated guided vehicle allows an operator to interrupt automatic AGV operations, move product manually and then place the forklift back into fully automatic laser guidance mode. The vehicles are offered in two sizes—3,500- and 5,500-pound capacities—with lifting heights up to 23 feet. Typically interfacing with deep lane floor stacking, pushback rack, drive-in rack and standard racking, the vehicle features industrial lead-acid batteries, laser guidance and navigation, advanced laser safety systems, graphical touchscreen monitor, Windows OS and wireless communications. Options include RFID readers, bar code scanners, 3D camera technology, robotic battery exchange, automatic battery charging, mechanism side-shift and single/double fork systems. Egemin, 616-393-0101, Booth. 2347.

Robotic imaging, picking cell
The Robo-Pick fully automatic picking cell compiles shipments from two to 20 articles in the correct quantity from a range of 5,000 to 50,000 articles in stock. The system combines 3D and 2D picture processing to identify products on a passing tray. Products in several layers or inclined position, jet-black articles, round products or asymmetric or beveled packages do not affect the vision system. Individual products do not need to be programmed into the system, which uses already existing allocations of transport units and SKUs in automated warehouses to ensure that the customer receives the correct articles. Schaefer Systems, 800-876-6000, Booth. 2303.

Reinforced construction enhances vertical carousel’s reliability
Engineered for enhanced reliability and uptime, the Avenger vertical carousel uses a patent-pending forging to reduce stress on structure components, plus double-reinforced arm assembly to provide extra strength and durability. Each carrier (shelf) has eight scissor arms to eliminate bending, tearing and breaking. A forging and roller attaches the arms to the track, instead of traditional pin and roller assembly, to reduce stress and prevent system failure and machine damage. The carousel is offered in multiple models for light- to heavy-weight applications, with warranties up to 10 years on some models. Sapient Automation, 800-639-5805 Booth. 4231.

AS/RS single-mast crane lifts 220 pounds to 39 feet
The Mustang Evo automated storage and retrieval system for mini-load use is a single-mast crane with a maximum payload of 220 pounds and an optimum height of 39 feet. Features include lightweight construction based on aircraft concepts to reduce overall weight by 25% with a lighter mast with specially rolled profiles, consistently adapted material thickness and high-strength bolted connections for increased stiffness. Further enhancements include improvements to the crane’s center of gravity, better distribution of loads to the running wheels, and the elimination of drive motors at the top of the machine for a reduction in maintenance and operational costs. TGW-Ermanco, 231-798-4547, .
Booth 612.

Flexible WMS easy to install
To meet the logistics needs of any size warehouse, the EasyWMS warehouse management system is simple to install and requires minimal implementation time. Flexible enough to be used in facilities with varying levels of complexity, the WMS supports operating systems up to Windows 7. Multi-lingual technical support is offered. Features include the display of real-time statuses of stock levels, locations, productivity and shipments for increased warehouse performance, increased turnover ratios, optimized order preparation, improved online inventories, and reduced time needed for stock management. Interlake Mecalux, 877-632-2589, Booth. 2012.

Smart AGVs can be used in moving assembly lines
SmartCart AGCs are flexible, low-cost automatic guided vehicles that can be used in assembly lines, to deliver pallets to and from stretch wrappers, roller conveyors and palletizers, or to move loads around a facility. The carts are guided by updated, easy-to-use software that accepts user-authored system changes and enables troubleshooting without outside assistance. For implementation in a continuous moving assembly line, an unlimited number of carts can be synchronized at a close distance, while traveling as slow as 6 feet per minute. Jervis B. Webb, 800-791-3092, Booth. 2003.

Laser bar code scanner debuts
Offering enhanced coverage, ease of use and flexible connectivity options, the AccuLazr AL5010 laser bar code scanner uses modular components including scan head, mounting base, power supply and choice of interface modules. The unit is ideal for applications including pick modules, print and apply, routing, and sortation. Housed in a rugged IP65 enclosure, the scanner comes in five models and covers distances from 5 to 48 inches. Standard and high-density configurations are supported. Depending on the model, the device includes Ethernet-Ethernet/IP, RS232/422 serial ports, tach input and optional I/O modules with DeviceNet/Profibus plug-ins. Accu-Sort, 800-227-2633, Booth. 2047.

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