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January 2017 Issue
In this issue:
  • 2017 Rate Outlook: Will the pieces fall into place?
  • The age of freight settlement
  • TMS trends to track
  • 2016 Customs update
  • Lift Truck Series: Maintenance
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October 2016 Issue
In this issue:
  • 2016 NASSTRAC Shipper of the year
  • Trucking regulations update
  • Emerging market cold chains
  • Big Data and analysis
  • Top 30 Ocean Carriers: Tough year on the high seas
  • European Logistics Update: U.K. Moves ahead post-Brexit
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September 2016 Issue
In this issue:
  • 25th Annual Study of Logistics and Transportation Trends
  • Freight Payment Advances
  • Jabil's Mobile Supply Chain
  • 2016 3PL Round Table
  • Special Report: Supply Chain Execution Software
  • Special Report: Top 25 Global Freight Forwarders
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August 2016 Issue
In this issue:
  • 33rd Annual Quest for Quality Awards
  • 2016 Ocean Shipping Roundtable
  • ERP: Gaining speed
  • Getting the right lift truck
  • Quarterly transportation market update: Trucking
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July 2016 Issue
In this issue:
  • State of Logistics: Pursue mutual benefit
  • Truckload brokerage roundtable
  • 5 overlooked WMS functions
  • State of voice technology View Archive

June 2016 Issue
In this issue:
  • Expanding markets and increasing savings
  • 5 tips for strategic sourcing
  • Supply chain software convergence
  • Cross-border ease
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May 2016 Issue
In this issue:
  • 2016 Technology Roundtable Digital Reality Check
  • The Private Fleet Advantage
  • Freight Forwarder Selection
  • Lift Truck Series: Funding Flexibility
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April 2016 Issue
In this issue:
  • 2016 Salary Survey: Are Salaries Set to Surge?
  • Air Cargo's New Layer of Complexity
  • European Logistics: Under Pressure
  • ADC Trends
  • Special Report: Top 50 Trucking Companies
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March 2016 Issue
In this issue:
  • E-Commerce: Reshaping Logistics
  • Modex 2016: Show Issue
  • 2016 Parcel Roundtable: Packaging Matters
  • Embrace Reverse Logistics
  • 2016 WDC Equipment Survey: A Better IT Backbone
  • Quarterly Transportation Market Update
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February 2016 Issue
In this issue:
  • Asean Logistics Refining Transportation Networks
  • Ocean Cargo Roundtable
  • Finding Real Value in GTM
  • Better Inventory Management
  • U.S. Ports Update
  • Modex Preview
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January 2016 Issue
In this issue:
  • 2016 Rate Outlook: Global Ripple Effect
  • Understanding Dimensional Weight
  • TMS 2016: Adoption Levels Rise
  • 2016 Customs and Regulations Update
  • Lift Truck Series: Fleet Maintenance
  • Virtual Conference Review: The New Digital Supply Network
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November 2015 Issue
In this issue:
  • Managing the global maze
  • 2015 NITL Executive of the Year
  • Intermodal Roundtable
  • Cubing and Weighing: Besting the dim rate dilemma
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October 2016 Issue
In this issue:
  • Morton Salt balances the network
  • Trucking Regulations: Caught in a web
  • Mitigating cold chain risk
  • Building the lift truck of the future
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September 2015 Issue
In this issue:
  • 2015 Masters of LogisticsFreight payment
  • 3PLs: Surviving commoditization
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August 2015 Issue
In this issue:
  • 32nd Annual Quest for Quality Awards
  • Ocean cargo collaboration
  • ERP's added functionality
  • Mitigating emerging market risks
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July 2015 Issue
In this issue:
  • 26th Annual State of Logistics Report: Freight moves the economy
  • Optimize your existing WMS
  • Protecting against cyber attacks
  • Voice technology hits its stride
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June 2015 Issue
In this issue:
  • 2015 Rail/Intermodal Roundtable: Big investment is paying off
  • Integrate your transportation strategy
  • Erasing border complexities
  • Advanced WMS meets mid-market ERP
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May 2015 Issue
In this issue:
  • 2015 Technology Roundtable: Visibility yields accuracy
  • Private fleets
  • Cold chain forwarders
  • Lift Truck Management: Flexible fleet financing
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April 2015 Issue
In this issue:
  • 2015 Salary Survey: Work smart, earn more
  • Air Cargo Roundtable
  • European Logistics: Stuck between hope and fear
  • ADC: Improved efficiency at hand
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March 2015 Issue
In this issue:
  • ASEAN Logistics:Exploring the new frontier
  • GTM adoption ticks up
  • End-to-end inventory management
  • Spotlight on ProMat products
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February 2015 Issue
In this issue:
  • Omni-channel distribution: Sears plays it cool
  • 2015 Parcel Roundtable
  • Future of legacy WMS
  • 2015 Warehouse/DC Equipment Survey
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January 2015 Issue
In this issue:
  • 2015 Rate Outlook: Rates to keep pace with U.S. growth
  • Dimensional Weight: Optimize your packaging
  • TMS: Mid-market growth is key
  • Global Trade: Success is in the details
  • Mobility making its mark
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December 2014
In this issue:
  • Meeting the omni-channel fulfillment challenge
  • Oil and Fuel Markets: A year in review and the view ahead
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November 2014
In this issue:
  • 2014 NITL Executive of the Year: Lots of logic and a little luck
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Technology: TMS users being driven to the cloud
  • Big Data & Analytics: Is it time to engage your service partners?
  • 2014 Warehouse/DC Operations Survey: Industry gets crafty to combat complexities
  • Less-than-truckload Update: Sunny forecast for carriers
  • NITL Executive of the Year Mike Haverty: Fortune favored the bold
  • Moore on Pricing: Increase rail rate oversight?
  • Pearson on Excellence: Companies seeking success in emerging markets need strong supply chains
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From the January 2017 Issue
Following LM tradition, we start off the New Year with our annual “Rate Outlook” cover story and subsequent Webcast
Moore on Pricing: The other TMS functional options
2017 Rate Outlook: Where are freight transportation rates headed?
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2017 Rate Outlook: Where are freight transportation rates headed?
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2017 Rate Outlook: Will the pieces fall into place?
Trade and transport analysts see a turnaround in last year’s negative market outlook, but as...
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